iCarsoft MB II Multi-system Scanner for Mercedes/Smart (i980 V2)

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iCarsoft MB II Multi-system Scanner for Mercedes/Smart (i980 V2)
OBD2 Diagnostic Tool (with special features for Mercedes/Smart)
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"iCarsoft MB II" is the newest vehicle fault diagnostic tool developed by iCarsoft Technology Inc.. Specially for DIY users and the servicemen of small service factories. Specially for full system of one vehicle brand - Mercedes & Smart. This product supplies 4" color LCD display and personalized function menu.

"iCarsoft MB II" OBDII/EOBD Scanner supports all the OBDII/EOBD test modes include: CAN, ISO9141, LPW2000, J1850 VPW and J1850 PWM. It enable technicians to accurately diagnose complex problems. This ergonomic scan tool, though sophisticated yet easy-to-use, makes your vehicle service experience much more pleasure!


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Supported Protocols

ISO (ISO9141-2)   CAN-Bus (ISO15765-4)
11Bit / 29Bit / 250kBaud / 500kBaud
KWP2000 (ISO14230-4)
Fast & Slow
VPWM (SAE J1850)
PWM (SAE J1850)    

  • Can do it all-reads and clears trouble codes on all the systems such as engine, transmission, ABS and airbag etc.
  • Read Data Stream
  • Full ECU Diagnosis
  • Applies to the entire models of CP equipped with OBDII-16 DLC
  • Easy to use with metal dome keys
  • Oil Light/Service Reset: support service lamp reset, Brake pad reset function, Steering angle sensor calibration etc.
  • EPB: opens and closes the brake pads, reads and clears EPB/SBC trouble codes
  • Turns off the ECU and brake warning light, diagnoses EPB/SBC caliper functionality, resets the brake pad thickness service etc.
  • ABS/AIRBAG: diagnoses ABS / SRS system codes, reads/clears codes of ABS/SRS system and turns off ABS/SRS warning light, performs bi-directional tests such as cycling the ABS solenoids, Retrieves ABS/SRS ECU information etc.

Twelve Super Advantages:
  • Read & Clear DTCs
  • Read Data Stream
  • Full ECU Diagnosis
  • Diagnose Single-brand Models Equipped With OBDII-16 DLC
  • Easy To Use With Metal Dome Keys
  • Oil Light/Service Reset
  • EPB
  • ETC
  • 4.0” TFT LCD With 480 * 320 Pixels
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Upgrade
  • Upgrade Via TF Card
  • Support Multi-language

OBDII function:
  1. Read Codes
  2. Erase Codes
  3. I/M Readiness -- I/M Readiness indicates whether or not the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for Inspection and Maintenance testing.
  4. Data Stream
  5. Freeze Frame -- When an emission-related fault occurs, certain vehicle conditions are recorded by the on-board computer. This information is referred to as freeze frame data. Freeze Data is a snapshot of the operating conditions at the time of an emission-related fault.
  6. O2 Sensor Test -- This option allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor test results for most recently performed tests from the vehicle’s on-board computer.
  7. On-Board Monitoring -- This function can be utilized to read the results of on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for specific components/systems.
  8. Evap System Test -- The EVAP test function lets you initiate a leak test for the vehicle’s EVAP system. Before using the system test function, refer to the vehicle’s service repair manual to determine the procedures necessary to stop the test.
  9. Vehicle Information -- The option displays the vehicle identification number (VIN), the calibration verification number (CVN), and other information of the test vehicle.

Example Screens

(Options depend on the vehicle and the software version)

Supported vehicle models:
  • A Klasse: W168, W169, W176
  • B Klasse: 245, 246
  • C Klasse: 203, 204
  • CL Klasse: 215, 216
  • CLK Klasse: 209
  • CLS Klasse: 218, 219
  • E Klasse: 207, 210, 211, 212
  • G Klasse: 461, 463
  • GL Klasse: X164, X168, X166
  • GLK Klasse: X204
  • M Klasse: W163, W164, W166
  • R Klasse: 251
  • S Klasse: 220, 221, 222
  • SL Klasse: R231, R231
  • SLK Klasse: R170, R171, R172
  • SLS: C197
  • SLR: Baureihe 199
  • Maybach

  • Smart Fortwo A/C 450
  • Smart Fortwo C/A 451
  • Smart Roadster R/C 452
  • Smart Forfour W 454

  • Sprinter

  • Vaneo

  • Vito
Access to the following control units [Drive]:
(depending on the model)
  • ACS (Automatic Clutch System)
  • BSA - Belt-driven starter/alternator
  • CDI & CDI2 & CDI3 & CDI4 & CDI5 & CDI6 & CDID & CDI-V1 (Common Rail Diesel Injection)
  • CDI60LS (Motor Electronics)
  • CDID3 (Motor electronics)
  • DTR (Distronic)
  • ECM (Engine control monolith)
  • ESM (Electronic Selector Module)
  • ETC (Electronic Transmission Control)
  • FSCU/FSCU_EC (Fuel pump)
  • FTC (Front Transmission Control)
  • GRM (Gear Recognition Module)
  • HAQ (Interwheel differential lock at rear axle)
  • IRS-HLA (Outer left rear intelligent radar sensor system)
  • IRS-HRA (Outer right rear intelligent radar sensor system)
  • ISM (Shift module)
  • ME2.7 (Motor Electronics)
  • ME2.7.2 (Motor electronics)
  • ME2.8 (6,8 cylinders) (Motor Electronics)
  • ME2-SFI (Motor Electronics)
  • ME97 (Motor Electronics)
  • MED177 (Motor Electronics)
  • MED177 AMG
  • MED177_M157 (Motor electronics)
  • MED40 (Motor electronics)
  • MED97(MotorElectronics)
  • ME-SFI (Motor Electronics)
  • ME-SFI2.8 (Motor Electronics)
  • SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • SG_EM
  • SGR (Radar sensors control unit)
  • SIM271DE20 (Motor Electronics)
  • SIM271KE20 (Motor Electronics)
  • SIM271KECNG (MotorElectronics)
  • TC/VG (Transfer Case)
  • TC166-Transfer case
  • UFPCAMG -Comtrol unit 'Fuel pump'
  • VGS4NAG2 (Fully Integrated transmission control)
  • VGSFDKG (Electronic Transmission control for double-plate clutch transmission)
  • VGSNAG2 (Fully Integrated transmission control)
Access to the following control units [Chassis]:
(depending on the model)
  • ABC/AIRmatic/ Suspension (Active Body Control)
  • ABR (Adaptive Brake)
  • ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
  • ARS-Roll control
  • BAS (Brake Assist System)
  • EFB (Electric parking brake)
  • EPB (Electric parking brake)
  • ES (Electrical power steering)
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
  • SBC (Sensotronic Brake System)
  • TPC/TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor)
  • VP (Vacuum Pump Brake Booster)
Access to the following control units [Body]:
(depending on the model)
  • AAM (All Activity Module)
  • AB (Air Bag)
  • AHE (Trailer Recognition)
  • ATA (Anti-Theft Alarm)
  • BCG-Remote control(Rear control field)
  • BNS (Vehicle power supply control module)
  • CGW(Central gateway)
  • COU (Central operating unit)
  • CRN (Center roof node)
  • Dr-side SAM (Driver signal acquisition and actuation module)
  • DSI (DIRECT SELECT interface)
  • EAM (Extended Activity Module)
  • EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch)
  • EZS (Electronic ignition lock)
  • HBF (Rear control panel)
  • HRA (Headlamp Range Adjustment)
  • HRA-FL (Headlamp Range Adjustment, Front Left)
  • KG (Keyless Go)
  • LCP (Lower Control Panel)
  • OCP (Overhead Control Panel)
  • PSD (Panoramic sliding roof)
  • PSE (Pneumatic System Equipment)
  • PSE (Pneumatic System Equipment)
  • PTS (Parktronic System)
  • REAR SAM (Rear signal acquisition and actuation module)
  • RevETR-LF (Left front reversible emergency tensioning retractor)
  • RevETR-RF (Right front reversible emergency tensioning retractor)
  • RFL (Radio Frequency Locking)
  • RST (Roadster Soft-Top)
  • SAM (Signal acquisition and actuation module)
  • SAM-F (Signal acquisition and actuation module front)
  • SAM-FL (Front left signal acquisition and actuation module)
  • SAM-FR (Front right signal acquisition and actuation module)
  • SDS (System diagnosis)
  • SEM (Security Module)
  • SG-DDW
  • SG-FOND (Rear control unit)
  • SRS (Supplemental restraint system)
  • SVMCM /MSS (Special Vehicle Multifunction Control Module)
  • UCP (Upper Control Panel)
  • VBF (Front control panel)
  • VDS-Vario roof control
  • VR (Vario Roof)
  • WSP(immobilizer)
  • WSS (Weight sensing system)
  • XALWA-L (Xenon headlamp,left)
  • XALWA-R (Xenon headlamp,right)
Access to the following control units [Information & Communication]:
(depending on the model)
  • APS (Auto-Pilot System)
  • ASSYST (Active Service System)
  • ASSYST PLUS (PLUS Active Service System)
  • CM (Compass module)
  • DAS (Driver Authorized System)
  • DN (Dynamic Navigation by CTEL)
  • ICM/IC (Instrument Cluster with Maintenance Interval Display)
  • KI (Instrument Cluster)
  • MFK (Multifunction camera)
  • NSA (Night View Assist)
  • RFK (Backup camera)
  • SCM/SCCM (Steering Column Module)
Access to the following control units [Seat Modules & Door Modules]:
(depending on the model)
  • AMKS-LF (Active multicontour seat)
  • AMKS-RF (Active multicontour seat)
  • ARWT (Automatic rear-end door)
  • DCM-FL (Door control module front left)
  • DCM-FR (Door control module front right)
  • DCM-RL (Door control module rear left)
  • DCM-RR (Door control module rear right)
  • DS-LF (Left front dynamic seat)
  • DSP (Pneumatic pump for dynamic seat)
  • DS-RF (Right front dynamic seat)
  • ESA 'Driver' (Electric seat Adjustment 'Drive')
  • ESA 'Front passenger' (Electric seat adjustment 'Front passenger')
  • ESA-FL (Electric Seat Adjustment, Front-Left)
  • ESA-FR (Electric Seat Adjustment, Front-Right)
  • ESA-LR (Left rear electrical seat adjustment)
  • ESA-LR (Left rear electrical seat adjustment)
  • ESA-REAR (Electric Seat Adjustment, Rear)
  • HKS - Tailgate control
  • HS (Seat heater)
  • KDS - Trunk lid control
  • LAE (Loading floor Automatically extendable)
  • MKL-HL (Rear left Multicontour backrest)
  • MKL-HR (Rear right multicontour backrest)
  • OSB-FL (Orthopedic Seat Backrest, Front- Left)
  • OSB-FR (Orthopedic Seat Backrest, Front- Right)
  • OSB-REAR (Orthopedic Seat Backrest, Rear)
  • PWC (Partition wall control module)
  • RCM (Rear control module)
  • REDC (Rear-end door closing control module)
  • Seat Modules & Door Modules:
  • TLC (Trunk lid control)
  • TSG-ML
  • TSG-MR
Access to the following control units [Climate Control]:
(depending on the model)
  • AAC/KLA (Automatic Air Conditioning)
  • EKMK - Electric Refrigerant compressor
  • HSW (Heated steering wheel)
  • LRH (Steering wheel heater)
  • REAR AC (Rear Air Conditioning)
  • STH (Stationary Heater)

  • Display: 4.0” TFT LCD , with 480 * 320 Pixels
  • Operation Temperature: 0 ℃ -- 50 ℃
  • Storage Temperature: -20 ℃ -- 70 ℃
  • Power: 9V -- 18V
  • Operating current:150mA@12V (Typical)
  • Power consumption:1.8W (Typical)
  • Dimension:205mm*110mm*31mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 350g

Package contents

iCarsoft MB-II
Unit iCarsoft MB-II (i980 V2)
OBD II Cable
Micro SD Card with Software
Card-reader (Micro SD to USB)
High quality bag for safe keeping
USB Cable
Manual (German / English / French / Spanish)

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