OBDLink  LX (BlueTooth)

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OBDLink LX (BlueTooth)
OBD2 Diagnostic Interface with OBDwiz
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Introducing the world's smallest and fastest OBD adapter! Engineered to accelerate performance on mobile OBD Apps like Torque. "OBDLink LX Bluetooth" is up to 400% faster than the closest competitor. Thanks to our BatterySaver technology, you can even leave "OBDLink LX Bluetooth" plugged in without draining your battery when the engine is off.


Supported Protocols
ISO (ISO9141-2)   CAN-Bus (ISO15765-4)
11Bit / 29Bit / 250kBaud / 500kBaud
KWP2000 (ISO14230-4)
Fast & Slow
PWM (SAE J1850) SW CAN (for GM cars)
VPWM (SAE J1850) MS CAN (for Ford cars)

Included: full version of "OBDwiz"

Connection Tab

PID Monitor

PID Setup

General Setup

Fuel Setup

Info Tab

About Tab


Trouble Codes
Freeze Frame shows a snapshot of vehicle parameters at the exact moment the DTC was set
Freeze Frames
Monitor Tests shows the status of continuous and non-continuous monitors, as well as the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) status
Monitor Tests

PID Values

RAW Data
Console allows commands to be sent directly to the scan tool

Default Screen
Default Screen
Night Modus
Night Modus
Custom Dashboards
Custom Dashboard
Custom Dashboards
Custom Dashboard




Data Logging

Various Statistics
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Included: full Android version of "OBDLink"
OBDLink Screenshot
OBDLink Screenshot OBDLink Screenshot OBDLink Screenshot
OBDLink Screenshot
OBDLink Screenshot OBDLink Screenshot OBDLink Screenshot
OBDLink Screenshot OBDLink Screenshot OBDLink Screenshot
OBDLink Screenshot OBDLink Screenshot  
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Key Features of the "OBDLink LX Bluetooth" Scan Tool
    • Up to 4x faster than the closest competitor:  The "OBDLink LX Bluetooth" accelerates Apps by up to 250% and PC software by up to 400%. Experience faster screen updates and more graph points.
    • World's smallest scan tool; at just under 2" long, OBDLink won't obstruct driver legroom.
    • Hack-Proof:  Cutting-edge security scheme virtually eliminates the risk of unauthorized access.
    • BatterySaver Technology:  The "OBDLink LX Bluetooth" innovative sleep function lets you leave it plugged in without danger of draining your car's battery.
    • Read & Clear Check Engine light:  Check diagnostic codes yourself and make informed repair decisions.
    • Works on PC's, Smart Phones, and Tablets:  Turn your laptop, netbook, Android, or Symbian device into a sophisticated diagnostics tool and performance monitor. Note: Not compatible with Apple products.
    • Works on a wider range of vehicles:  OBDLink's advanced algorithm enables MX to connect to more OBDII-compliant makes & models than any other scan tool.
    • Free diagnostics software:  Includes ScanTool.net's exclusive OBDwiz license for Windows
    • Superior Compatibility:  works with more 3rd party apps & software than any other adapter.

Supported Devices, Software & Apps 
  • Symbian Smart Phones (Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericsson)
  • Nokia N800 & 810 Internet tablets
    • CARMAN
  • PalmOS & Pocket PC phones & PDAs

Vehicle Compatibility of the OBDLink LX Scan Tool
"OBDLink LX Bluetooth" works with all 1996 & newer model year cars and light trucks sold in the U.S., including all American, European, and Asian vehicles. Live outside the U.S.? Most newer non-U.S. vehicles are complaint with the OBDII standards.

  • Innovative 'Connect' button - requires physical access to enable Bluetooth pairing.
  • 128-bit military grade data encryption, Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) protection.
  • Class 2 Bluetooth transmission with Adaptive Power Control (max range: ~ 30 ft).
  • Maximum Parameter ID (PID) rate: 124 PIDs/second for PC, 62 PIDs/second for Android.

Exclusive OBDLink Features of the "OBDLink LX Bluetooth" Scan Tool
  • Extended command set - Enables "OBDLink LX Bluetooth" to perform enhanced diagnostics not possible with ELM327-based scan tools. 100% compatible with legacy ELM327 command set.
  • Upgradeable firmware - Free updates that unlock new features and keep your adapter up to date.
  • BatterySaver:  Allows the "OBDLink LX Bluetooth" to automatically enter Sleep mode when not in use.
  • Advanced multi-protocol auto-detect algorithm - "OBDLink LX Bluetooth" connects to more OBDII vehicles than any adapter on the market.
  • Smart keep-alive algorithm - Ensures a stable connection on ISO and KWP vehicles
  • Large CAN memory buffer - STN1110's architecture allows "OBDLink LX Bluetooth" to manage larger amounts of data without error compared to older ELM327-based scan tools.

Operating Specifications
  • Dimensions: 1.97 x 1.77 x 0.91 inches (51 x 45 x 23 mm)
  • Weight: 1.2 oz. (33 g.)
  • Operating Voltage: 8-18V DC
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 131 degrees F (-20  to 55  C)
  • Operating Humidity 10 to 85% (non-condensing)

Package contents

Diagnostic-Interface + Software

Manufacturer MPN EAN-Code Order-No.
ScanTool.net 427201 897155000142 30086

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